Thank you for being a friend

Yesterday, the world lost another Golden Girl. Rue McClanahan died of a stroke on Thursday morning. She is best remember for her role as a man-eating Southern belle Blanche Devereaux on the sitcom that portrayed four aging woman dealing with life’s twists and turns. In the 70s, she starred, along with the late Bea Arthur in Maude, a show that I tried to watch this past weekend, but the comedy was a little over the top, as most comedy back then was.

But what was it about the Golden Girls that struck a chord with so many of us? Why were younger people so captivated by the lives of three women in their mid-fifties to early sixties, and one in her seventies?

Golden Girls spoke about issues that mattered to the masses: politics, cheating, death, sexual orientation. With these issues, they would throw in a mix of laughter and class that no other show, in my opinion, could match.

Each of these four women were so unique when these topics would come up, which added to the hilarity. Sophia with her sarcasm; Dorothy with “the look,” Rose with her naivety and Blanche with her obsession with sex and herself – it made for dynamic television.

Everyone had their favourite Golden Girl, for some, they lost her yesterday when McClanahan died. Or maybe it was when Bea Arthur died last year, or two years ago when Estelle Getty died.

Mine must be feeling a bit lonely today.